Ignite your Joy!

Five days of holistic inspiration to help you prioritise your happiness.

Instructor: Susmitha VeganosaurusLanguage: English

About the course

Each day of the course includes:

  • A meditation (for your soul)
  • A food tip (for your body)
  • An activity/practice (for your mind)

Every day ends with an assessment – a series of questions you'll be responding to so we can track your progress through the course.

On purchase you get access to the course for one year.


TESTIMONIALS for Ignite your Joy!

"The mindfulness is what carries me through. Pieces of Joy, and moments of Hope. And the ignite your joy course is wonderful! I hope more people can find it, and utilize this resource. Because I’m sure there’s a lot of people like me, who just need a little light to find their way. 💗"

Cindy Pack
Artist and Vegan
(Cindy's Art and Soul)

"Susmitha is a joy. I love to listen to her voice on her podcast (The Feel Good Factor) or on her meditations because it brings me so much joy. Also I have learned so much from her such as how to make nut milk and authentic chai masala. That makes me so happy!!"

Khristee Rich
Holistic Healer and Medium
(The Dancing Curtain)

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