Joyful Productivity and Time Abundance Workshop with Susmitha Veganosaurus


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Joyful Productivity and Time Abundance Workshop

Part of Sustainable Happiness for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs. A small group workshop series for conscious entrepreneurs, including but not limited to, creatives, teachers, and activists.









Sustainable Happiness for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs with Susmitha Veganosaurus. Joyful Productivity and Time Abundance Workshop. You have so much more time than you believe! Sat, 26th Jun 2021, 4 pm to 6:30 pm (IST), Indian Rupees 2500 (US Dollars 45). Right: Susmitha, Short haired Indian lady in a blue sleeveless top. Wearing gemstone pendants on a black thread. Laughing at the camera with eyebrows raised.

About this Workshop

"There's so much to do, and just not enough time to get it all done! No matter how much work I put in, I feel like I'm not doing enough"

Are you nodding as you read those sentiments? Yup, they're very relatable.

* Do you constantly feel the pressure to keep on being productive?
* Are you all over the place each day, spread too thin?
* Does this affect your mental health and self-worth?
* Are you even giving any priority to your daily self-care and joyfulness quotient?

I've been there! Down the rabbit hole of hustling, doing, pushing myself too hard, but still feeling like I'm somehow lacking. Believe me when I say it's a straight path to burnout. haha

I've now learnt there's a completely different way to live and work. A way that prioritises me and my joyfulness, while also getting so much done in a super effective manner. And now, I'm ready to teach you!

This workshop is all about time blocking, prioritising, planning, and organisation. It’s also about mindfulness, mental decluttering, digital disconnection, and getting comfortable with slowing down.

I’ll share exactly what works for me, so you can apply those ideas and tools to build a system that works for YOU.

Follow my guidance and I promise you a significant positive shift in your peace of mind, productivity and joyfulness!

I've scheduled this workshop within the first few days after the full moon so we can harness the powerful energy of the waning moon to clear distractions, thought patterns and habits that are holding us back.

This is an interactive deep dive workshop. Your undivided attention will be expected for the entire 2½ hours (150 minutes).

There will be teaching, introspecting, writing, meditating, and visualising. And of course there'll be plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

The workshop replay video will be accessible to all participants for 7 days after the event.

As with all my coaching sessions, the tickets will be limited to a small number because I like the group to be cozy. So if you’d like to join, grab your spot soon. :)

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About the Sustainable Happiness for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Series

You launch your conscious business with immense passion, and pour your heart and soul into it. You can see its positive impact on the world. What a delightful job to have!

But somewhere along the way unexpected hurdles, bottlenecks and frustrations crop up. Sometimes it's overwhelming. You still love what you do, but you really wish things were much easier, smoother, and enjoyable.

This is where I come in!

In over a decade of being a heart-centered entrepreneur, I've faced my fair share of elation and dejection. And I've learnt the importance of prioritising happiness and how it can lead to an abundant, fulfilling business life.

I want to help shorten your learning curve! Whatever I've learnt the hard way, I now want to teach it to you the easy way. :)

That's why I've launched this series of workshops: Sustainable Happiness for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs.

The sessions are designed in a such a way that you can choose to attend as few or as many as you like.

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