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You deserve Happiness, Fun and Self-Love. Let me help you make them your highest priority through my courses, workshops and programs.

Online Courses and Personal Workshops

Ignite Your Joy Mini Course

A 5 day experience to help your holistically incorporate joyfulness into your life – mind, body and soul.

Get More Joy Into Your Daily Life

Vegan Immersion Experience Course

My signature deep dive approach to living a happy, joyful vegan life with purpose and confidence.

Learn To Be A Joyful Vegan

Dairy Alternatives Ninja Workshop

A one-to-one hands-on online workshop. You make everything from scratch under my guidance.

Make Your Own Dairy Alternatives Like a Pro

Small Group Coaching Sessions

Sustainable Happiness for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Keep on finding joy in your business and love your work life, even after the initial enthusiasm of launching has worn off. A workshop series for conscious entrepreneurs. Including, but not limited to creatives, teachers, and activists.

Joyful Productivity and Time Abundance Workshop

Workshop Over Learn More About It

Business Clarity and Intention Setting Workshop

Workshop Over Learn More About It

Boundaries Workshop

Workshop Over Learn More About It

About Sustainable Happiness for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

This holistic workshop series incorporates strategic guidance, spiritual techniques, mindfulness, introspection, stories and lots of fun!

You launch your conscious business with immense passion, and pour your heart and soul into it. You can see its positive impact on the world. What a delightful job to have!

But somewhere along the way unexpected hurdles, bottlenecks and frustrations crop up. Sometimes it's overwhelming. You still love what you do, but you really wish things were much easier, smoother, and enjoyable.

This is where I come in!

In over a decade of being a heart-centered entrepreneur, I've faced my fair share of elation and dejection. And I've learnt the importance of prioritising happiness and how it can lead to an abundant, fulfilling business life.

I want to help shorten your learning curve! Whatever I've learnt the hard way, I now want to teach it to you the easy way. :)

That's why I've launched this series of workshops – Sustainable Happiness for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs.

The sessions are designed in a such a way that you can choose to attend as few or as many as you like.

About Me

Hi, I'm Susmitha, a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Click the button below to know more about me and my areas of interest and authority.

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