Harmonious Multi-Passionate Life

Gently pursue your many skills, talents, and interests to have a fulfilling, well-rounded, multi-passionate life.

Instructor: Susmitha VeganosaurusLanguage: English

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About the course

What is it?
✻ Self-Paced Audio Course

✻ Mastermind Community

✻ Live Online Video Sessions
When does the second cohort take place?
Mon, Oct 2nd to Mon, Oct 30th 2023

Course Features

  • Pre-recorded audio lessons from Mon-Fri
  • Short lessons of 10 mins or less
  • Daily actionable steps for you to implement
  • Accountability and support on Telegram group (this is an important part of the course so you must have the Telegram app installed)
  • Weekly live video calls Mon 7 to 8 pm (IST)
  • Lifetime access to all materials

What is a multi-passionate?

“You want to do too many different things. How can you progress that way?”
“Focus and commit to one line of work. It’s the only way to succeed.”
“With all these ‘hobbies’, you’re obviously not serious about any work.”

Sounds familiar? Feel misunderstood when you hear those phrases? Then you’re very likely a Multi-Passionate Person.

The term refers to people who have more than one interest/talent/passion and want to pursue them all.

Being a specialist in only one area of work/profession/creativity has its merits, but it isn’t all it’s trumped up to be. But for the longest time people have been shamed for being a “Jack of all trades.” We’ve been told being focused seriously on one thing is the only way to get ahead in life. Everything else is secondary, a hobby.

Guess what, here’s the full, original version of that saying, “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but is often better than a master of one.” It’s a compliment to people who like to ‘dabble’ in various, often unrelated things, and build a wider set of skills. There’s a lot of value in it!

So are you a Multi-Passionate creator/entrepreneur? Don’t let old systems of thinking make you doubt your true nature. You can do more than one thing. You can be more than one thing. And most importantly, you’re not alone!

I've designed this course just for you!

Who is this course for?

This course IS FOR you if you're interested in
  • Enriching your life by pursuing multiple interests/talents/passions
  • Growing harmoniously in various areas of life
  • Being productive in an easy going and joyful way
  • Gently building your different conscious businesses/brands
  • Prioritising fulfilment, joy, wellbeing, and peace of mind
  • Embracing a sense of time abundance

This course is NOT for you if
  • You're super ambitious and want fast growth
  • You believe in hustle culture
  • Want to specialise and grow in one area only
  • Money is your top or only priority

A peek into what you'll learn

Kind Words from Participants

"[Before starting the course I had] a feeling that I won't be able to do all that I love. Started doing the daily dump activating to clear the mind, that’s been a very good habit. I have an intention now. I needed to hear few things said in the workshop, that was a reassurance I got through this."

Supriya (Architect, Yoga Teacher, Artist, Multi-Passionate)

"The whole process, whatever I started off with you, I think it's really given me so much of clarity. And it's changed a lot of perceptions and ideas and ideologies as well. A few exercises that I went about doing really put a lot of my thought process down.

I really liked the fact that I could somehow write out points and then jot down my feelings. How writing can be a very key tool to talk to myself and understand myself better.

The Mind Map was the best amongst all of these. It lead to key points and ideas, and gave me a very strong clarity of what I am, who I am, what I want to be, what I am doing, how I am doing it, and how I want to be doing it.

The Have Done List helped me a lot, I've been following it quite a bit. The writing down has been helping me a lot.

And then, me writing down things that… the acknowledgement… Acknowledge The Value Of Everything You Try Out, that part of it was great. I wrote down so many different things, so many pages of things, and it made me feel so good about myself.

It helped me overall, and it was totally worth it. And whatever I was expecting, some many things, all of it came together. So I'm really happy about the entire process.

Thanks to the entire workshop that made me buck up to it and made me tell to myself that it’s okay to do these… pursue these multiple passions no matter what. And you will always find time and energy and the sort of fulfilment in doing so many different things.

It’s a very unheard of course. I was speaking to my core friends who’re attending different therapy classes and sessions about their personal life. And I told them this is more like a session that I'm doing, with this particular person, and this is what the course is, and it is perhaps the only therapy that I need in life. And they were so surprised about the way the entire course is built up and the way it is formulated in particular. It's very different and new. So, I’m so happy for it.""

Sumanth (Entrepreneur, Architect, Actor, Multi-Passionate)

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