Vegan Immersion Experience

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Instructor: Susmitha VeganosaurusLanguage: English

About the course

Curious about veganism? In the process of transitioning to a purely plant powered lifestyle? Already a vegan but want to make your journey a smoother, more joyful one? This course is for you!

Let's focus on creating a positive mindset, building a strong foundation for plant based cooking and developing spiritually aligned practices to support you.

In this course you’ll learn

  • How to lead an easy and empowered vegan life.
  • Spread awareness among people around you from a place of joyfulness.
  • How to make dairy alternatives (mylk, curds, cheese dips, tea, etc.) and other foundation recipes.
  • Simple, basic vegan cooking and baking tips and techniques.
  • How to handle non-vegan situations such as parties, picnics, dining out, festivals, religious ceremonies, etc.
  • Responding to commonly asked questions and arguments with confidence.
  • Incorporating meditation, affirmations, journaling and other uplifting practices to help on your vegan journey.
  • What sneaky ingredients to watch out for and how to find naturally vegan foods.
  • And much more...

What Participants are Saying

[Before signing up] I thought what could be there to learn from the course when I was already a vegan since past 4 years, [but] this course has made me a much more satisfied, joyful and thoughtful vegan :) I will be unapologetically vegan from now on. I am more open to demand vegan products from the markets that don't offer them in some product streams. I am more open to state that I am a vegan and for so and so reasons. I know what boundaries I need to set and how to make sure they are respected. :) I just loved the way you gave practical tips to follow a happy vegan life. At the same time not compromising on our value system. I learnt a lot in the dairy alternative area and I will definitely try more and more alternatives. You have inspired me to do that :D

— Mamatha, Vegan Creator
( Mamatha Madhava Rao)

Whatever I've done of the course so far has got me thinking in many different directions - especially in terms of being thankful for the little things people (family actually) have done for me since I've turned vegan. Instead of appreciating the almond/soy milk always in the fridge when I'm visiting, I'm forever complaining about why no one in my family supports this journey by turning vegan themselves. Just changing that line of thinking fills me with gratitude and peace.

— Shivya, Travel Blogger
( The Shooting Star)

I'm feeling grateful and lucky for participating and completing this course because I have gained a lot of practical knowledge regarding veganism. I have learnt so many practical things, like for example by following a vegan lifestyle, one has to find a support group system (which is super important) who has similar mindset as you, because by building relationship with the like minded others who are kind, wise and compassionate, it is actually empowering to oneself and the other. It's important for vegans to learn to cook. I also came to know a lot about dairy alternatives and meat alternatives etc. And I have learnt what are the Do's and Don'ts (what questions to ask) when a vegan is dining out at restaurants (especially non-vegan restaurants), weddings, visiting people's home etc. I also realised during the course that cooking is like chemistry. Thank you for this gift.

— Kevin, Student

Course Content

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Course duration and structure

The course content spans over 21 days. Ideally it's meant to be done within one month, from Monday to Friday, with breaks over the weekends.

The total length of the videos differs each day. It can be anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour. The information is divided into bite sized chunks so you can reflect upon it and steadily incorporate it into your daily life.

I've provided you the choice to purchase three different access periods to the course: 45 days, 1 year, or lifetime.

The meditation recordings are downloadable so you can listen to them as many times as you like even after access to the course has ended.

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